• Where every hero has a story

    Following the storytelling concept, our program is based on core psychological foundations with a focus on preschoolers' development. Our activities are specially tailored to enhance social & life skills.

  • Our Multidisciplinary Approach

    We cater fun educational activities to enhance the skills of your kids.

    Our workshops are guided by professional early childhood educators.


    Storytelling helps improve children’s linguistic skills, instills the love of reading and improves their imagination. At our algorithmic workshops, storytelling involves active engagement with the characters!



    Coding is the key skill for the future, thanks to an award-winning robot, your kids will learn algorithms and develop problem-solving skills without being exposed to screens.


    We created a program of construction games, that will enhance children's cognitive skills through design thinking skills and allowing them to think outside the box!

    Physical Activity

    Your children will be able to develop team-building skills, endurance, balance, & coordination with the program set by our personal trainer.


    Our nutritionist will be teaching your children the healthy habits of eating, by making healthy snacks, all while developing their fine motor skills!


    We've taken traditional arts and crafts and given it a modern twist, redesigned especially for our program, to unleash the creativity within each child!



    Why WonderEd?

    We've got a top-notch team of experts that are meticulously designing the activities. In addition to that, our classes are limited to a maximum of 5 kids.





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  • Meet Our Board of Storytellers

    Our team is dedicated to teaching your kids all the skills they need to have better futures.

    A'laa Chbaro

    Founder &

    Chief Storyteller

    Ghalia Nasereddin

    Business Creative

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